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Writing & Editing Samples

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- ISOC-NY: Exclusive Interview with Vint Cerf - Father of the Internet

- NYTM Part 2: YouTube Videos, Frequent Flyer Programs, Playlists

- NYTM Part I: Skeletons, Break Dancers, and Friends

- NY Video Meetup: Streaming Synchronized TV and a Rapping Taxi

- Hiring Secrets For NY Tech Startups: Driven, Relentless, Happy, Sporty

- NY Tech Meetup: From Uncomfortable to the Inspirational

- NYTECH.org Examines Software and Financial Patents

- March NYTech Meetup: Snake Charmers, Restaurant Critics, and Green Lifestyle Goals

- NYC Venture Pitching Workshop: Pulling No Punches

- NYC Venture Pitching Event Part 2: Not a Lot of Chit Chat

- Abaco Sherpa Report Article

- Data Dispatch Bank Index Record

- Fed Rate Re Fis

- Forbes: Hedge Fund Article

- Forbes: Hurricane Article

- Forbes: IRA Article

- Four Sun Valley Idaho Restaurant Favorites

- Hispanic TV PR

- Keyson Publishing Services Brochure

- New York City in August Means Fun in the Sun

- Off Season in Los Cabos, Mexico

- Grand Luxe Registry: Telluride Article

- Underbanked Financial Services Article

- Research Paper - Dieting is War

- Research - Smart Women Stupidly Avoid Weight Training