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Lauren is one the smartest, most creative writers and editors-in-chief that I have ever worked with. She is wired for business, and has remarkable instincts for innovative and new content that will be attractive to readers; and has experimented and embraced every new media delivery mode, including the internet years before it was mainstream. Add to that the fact that she is one of the easiest people to work with, and friendliest, and it is no wonder that her circle of influence expands incredibly every year. Go Lauren.
Gregg Amonette
Exec VP Sales & Marketing, Multex.com, Inc.
Director, Marketing & Sales, SNL Financial

Senior VP, Business Development, Ultimate Escapes

Lauren Keyson was brought to New York City by the president of Multex to create internet-based publications, and to give the company a communications presence on the Web.  Her work was incredible – during her tenure at Multex she created several smart, savvy, innovative online and print publishing products that included The Internet Analyst, circ: 1.5 mil.; The Telecom Analyst, circ: 1.25 mil.; Industry Investing Reports, circ 300,00 as well as industry indexes. I worked with her on all these products and can say that she is an excellent writer, editor and communicator who consistently developed new ideas into well-received PR. She built strong relationships with technology and financial analysts, with research directors and industry execs, and with the media.  She is a pleasure to work with and I strongly recommend her.
Marc Gerstein
Director of Investment Research

Lauren Keyson has worked with Ultimate Escapes as both a Communications Director and Consulting Communications Specialist. She is an excellent writer and editor, a strong public relations director, and she is adept at building and retaining interpersonal relationships. In her tenure with Ultimate she has written and executed various types of communications including press releases, newsletters, employee updates, sales pieces, Website content, articles for placement in print and online, and a blog – all with superior professionalism. She works extremely well with the media in all aspects including building relationships with editors and publishers, pitching, securing and placing company information throughout the Internet. She works well across all departments and groups of people including employees, members, executives and sales while maintaining a positive attitude. She is a great problem solver who consistently meets deadlines and can be counted on in any situation. I highly endorse Lauren.
Phil Callaghan

Lauren is a talented writer and editor who has worked for me over the years and I highly recommend her for both employment opportunities as well as consulting work. She always has a positive attitude, can work under time pressure and challenging circumstances and is deadline oriented and a good team player.
Jim Tousignant
President, Multex.com, Inc.
CEO / President, Ultimate Escapes

Lauren Keyson has worked for Ultimate Escapes in various roles – as a communication consultant, director, and writer. As Member Services VP, I know the importance of communications and she is great at her job – professional, energetic, deadline-oriented, knowledgeable and fun to work with. She is able to work across all company departments, as well as members, clients and media, while contributing wherever needed. Her interview style is unique and personal, she has creative ideas that she is able to make happen, and she is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Lauren for any communications project or role.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Brooke Lowrance
Vice President, Member Services

Lauren was instrumental to our communication efforts at Instinet. While working with her I was impressed not only by her writing skills, but also by the breadth and depth of our contacts in the media industry.
Russ Koesterich 
Director of Investment Strategy

Lauren was instrumental in building brand awareness for our technology products through her PR and promotion efforts. Laurens duties included interfacing with various media outlets and channels, organizing and executing trade show events, and developing a branded public access television series that provided a public educational service to consumers while unobtrusively promoting our products. Furthermore, Lauren is a pleasure to work with, easy going, and well liked making her the perfect addition to a growing enterprise requiring a professional and personable media/PR liaison.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Pedro Mata
President | CEO, Chili Systems, Inc.

As a consultant, then via a PR agency, and finally as a full-time employee, Lauren provided SNL Financial with diligent media relations support for several years. Her efforts when SNL's program of public relations outreach was in its infancy laid the groundwork for the extensive recognition the firm now receives in the business press. Not only is Lauren a hard worker with a wide network of media contacts, she's also one of the nicest people you'll ever have the privilege of meeting in the workplace.
Richard Wilkes  
Director of Marketing

Lauren Keyson personally and professionally shaped my career with every opportunity she provided me with at Buyside. When I decided to make editing my career, I thought that working with writers to polish their material was accomplished solely through copyediting. She demonstrated how much more there is to it if it is to be done well. She proved that publishing worthwhile material requires equal parts of great ideas, focused and broad networking, the right author, meaningful supporting material and design/illustration. I would not have had success, let alone continued success, and the opportunity to follow in her footsteps in working with some of the most compelling, complex and important people in the financial industry.
Tamara Bower  

“I have known Lauren for approximately 14 years. My initial interaction with her was to provide editorial content in the realm of pharma, biotech and medical device stocks. This material was created for an audience of money managers, analysts, investment bankers and venture capitalists. I found Lauren to be extraordinary in her ability to deal with multiple people simultaneously while always giving personal attention in a patient manner when it was needed. She never complained, and when she needed content in a hurry she cajoled with humor without ever losing her poised demeanor or professionalism for even one moment. Lauren is an outstanding manager and person. Her well of talented service providers never runs dry because she has developed lengthy and sincere personal relationships that remain solid-- even when her colleagues have gone into new fields. I am honored and happy to recommend Lauren Keyson.
Dr. George S. Mack,
Managing Director, BioDecade

“Lauren is great at managing a staff of writers and making editorial decisions based on sound journalistic protocol. Creating relationships with experts and contributors is a natural talent and she gets projects completed pre-deadline.
Jim Patrick  

I have been extremely impressed with Lauren Keyson's work ethics and ability to multi-task and always provide project elements on time. Lauren is a great writer and editor with a great business sense about what needs to be done to garner results from her end-product. I highly recommend her and continue to use Lauren's skills. She is great at creating newsletters, emails and corporate communication, and additionally can garner good press coverage for her clients.
Top qualities:  Good Value, On Time, High Integrity
Robin Spindel
Vice President, Marketing

Lauren is one of the most hard-working, dedicated, organized and intelligent managers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She does not quite until the job is done, and done right. She always goes above and beyond what is asked of her, and master's the art of multi-tasking. She is always on top of current trends in the communications industry, and is a forward thinker, always available with fresh ideas. Lauren is truly an incredible asset to any business.
Rachael Martin
Marketing/Communications Coordinator

Lauren Keyson is an excellent writer with outstanding communication skills. She is able to work with all types of media and communications, including the Web, blogs, newsletters, news releases, corporate communications, print publications, social media, video, radio and TV. She also has strong researching skills. She has an amazing way of finding solutions to problems and handling everything with intelligence and calm. She has a strategic mind that can see behind the obvious and create brilliance. She is someone who can be counted on in any business situation. I highly recommend Lauren.
Gail Michelsen
Director of Marketing, Corollary, Inc.

Lauren consistently produces a communications workflow that prioritizes multiple demands into a concise, positive, and effective message. Lauren's expertise in the three tenets of communication -- crafting a message, managing its distribution and delivery, and awareness of her audience -- provides a reliable foundation for collaboration. That foundation, paired with her responsive flexibility, produces vibrant messages in a variety of fields, from financial forums to international travel.
Craig Gummer 
Principal | Creative Director 

I’ve gotten to know Lauren’s public relations and communications work through her roles with the financial services, travel and IT sectors. She has a tremendous grasp of complex information and the ability to effectively write press releases and articles that express timely and nuanced ideas relevant to her clients.
Ivy Cohen
President | CEO  Ivy Cohen Corporate Communications, Inc.

Lauren has worked as an editor of one of our Business Journal's. Her work was accurate and complete. She met deadlines. Lauren also created a network of news sources that enabled her to break stories on a regular basis. Lauren was respected by colleagues.
Ken Clark
Publisher, North Bay Business Journal