Disruptive Technologists ®

…and the entrepreneurial culture in New York City

The people that interrupt the normal course or unity with technology. They are the game-changers, the brilliant thinkers, the hackers, the founders and the people that finance them.

500 Startups’ managing partner Christine Tsai said she is big on unsexy verticals — so verticals that are disruptive, but maybe not necessarily trendy. Read More…

NYC Social Infrastructure & Tech Ecosystem: Are We At An Inflection Point? On October 27th, Disruptive Technologists will hold a panel discussion… Read More.

AlwaysOn’s founder and CEO Tony Perkins advises new startups to look at the Millennial Generation and build products for them because they are the future Read More

Robert Victor created Tapactive in order to be the ‘Netflix of Training’ by overcoming the fact that personal training is fundamentally broken. Read More…

Andrea Jaime

Andrea Jaime: Space Exploration
Andrea Jaime, the Executive Director of Space Generation Advisory Council (the organization in support of the U.N. on space applications) shared the details of the annual space congress.Read More…

NYC Meetup

NY Tech Meetup goes from 4 to 40,000 members: Co-founder Dawn Barber initially liked the intimacy of the smaller group, but also did not want to restrict people who wanted to attend.
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What’s He Thinking

Q&A With Market Signal Extractor: Igor Gonta is the CEO of Market Prophit. His company offers a unique tool that organizes all information on the Internet and puts it in adjustable way. Read More…

Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures answered questions in front of a large audience of student developers, organizers and founders, as well as Bitcoin entrepreneurs and investors, about how this new currency can change the world. Read More